August 05, 2017 • D8ADNA

This week in science: collaboration employs artificial intelligence to find anti-aging drugs; study seeks to uncover genetic components of complex neurological disorders; acquisition will allow mining of genomic databases with machine learning; researchers use the skin to deliver treatments for diseases such as Diabetes.

University, Company Employ AI for Anti-Aging Drugs

The medical analytics company Insilico Medicine is partnering with the University of Copenhagen to apply artificial intelligence to find new treatments for diseases associated with early aging, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Study Underway of Depression, Bipolar Disorder Genetics

A large-scale study by two companies and a think tank started enrolling participants to learn more about the role of genetics in major depressive and bipolar disorders. The research project is recruiting some 25,000 participants, carried out by the personal genetics enterprise 23andMe, working with pharmaceutical company H. Lundbeck A/S, and the Milken Institute.

Genomics Company Acquires Open-Source Biomedical Platform

A company providing whole genome analysis is acquiring an enterprise developing open-source computational software for biomedical uses, such as precision medicine. The acquisition of Curoverse in Somerville, Massachusetts is expected to give Veritas Genetics in Boston the capability to conduct analyses with artificial intelligence using Arvados, Curoverse’s data management system.

Gene-Edited Skin Grafts Shown to Control Glucose Levels

Skin grafts derived from genetically edited stem cells were shown in tests with lab mice to reduce glucose levels and weight gain that result from a high-fat diet. Results of research by a team from University of Chicago medical center appear in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

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  1. Photo of Gene Editing, Therapy Company Gains $83.5M in Venture Funds

    Gene Editing, Therapy Company Gains $83.5M in Venture Funds

    August 01, 2017 • DNA

    A biotechnology company designing treatments with gene edits and transfers using benign viruses is raising $83.5 million in its second venture funding round. With today’s announcement, Homology Medicines Inc. in Bedford, Massachusetts, a one year-old developer of genetic therapies for rare diseases, raised a total of $127 million since its founding.

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