July 06, 2017 • DNA

Changes in genome organization that accompany shifts in chromosomal conformation during the cell cycle may have epigenetic significance, report scientists who have tracked the movements of DNA loops by combining single-cell Hi-C technology and statistical analyses.

This image was generated by a computer model of the folded DNA chromosomes from a single cell. [Csilla Varnai, Ph.D./Babraham Institute]

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  1. Photo of How to Turn on Genes and Coax Diatoms into Sex

    How to Turn on Genes and Coax Diatoms into Sex

    July 10, 2017 • DNA

    The discovery that ammonium induces sexual reproduction among diatoms could shed light on evolutionary mechanisms and help explain algal bloom dynamics. It could also point to new genetic modification strategies, potentially advancing molecular ecology interventions, biofuel applications, and nanotechnology-informed development of novel drug delivery vehicles.

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