July 10, 2017 • DNA

The discovery that ammonium induces sexual reproduction among diatoms could shed light on evolutionary mechanisms and help explain algal bloom dynamics. It could also point to new genetic modification strategies, potentially advancing molecular ecology interventions, biofuel applications, and nanotechnology-informed development of novel drug delivery vehicles.

"Lab efforts to induce sex in centric diatoms have ranged from sweet talk to torture," quipped microbiologist Kimberly Halsey, Ph.D., lead scientist on the study.

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  1. Photo of Darpa Funding Research on Brain-Digital Implants

    Darpa Funding Research on Brain-Digital Implants

    July 10, 2017 • DNI

    The advanced research agency in Department of Defense is supporting six new projects on neural devices that connect the brain to digital technologies to restore sensory functions. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa, made the awards to 4 academic labs, a research foundation, and a business.

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