July 15, 2016 • DNADIV

Retrogene is a research initiative focused on ancient DNA, genome evolution and native ancestry. Areas of interest include archaeogenomics, paleogenomics and indigenomics.

VoyaGene is a related tool being developed to search and explore genes or traits.

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  1. Photo of Feasibility, Safety Shown for Personal Tumor Vaccine

    Feasibility, Safety Shown for Personal Tumor Vaccine

    July 05, 2017 • DNA

    A pilot study among individuals with a form of skin cancer shows a vaccine aiming at proteins specific to a person’s tumor is safe and can generate a complex immune response attacking the tumor. Results of the study, conducted at Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston, testing treatments developed by Neon Therapeutics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, appear in today’s issue of the journal Nature (paid subscription required).

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