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    Group of bioneers building the future with open science

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    Network connecting edge devices with fog computing for the life sciences

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    Genomics blockchain for verifying DNA sequences and giving personal gene IDs

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    Open source platform and user-friendly tools for analyzing personal genomes

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    Research initiative focused on ancient DNA, genome diversity and evolution

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    Systems biology platform for network precision medicine

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    Tool to search and explore genes or traits

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    About BioShack

    March 24, 2015 • D8ADIY

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    BioShack was founded by Megan in early 2011 at the beginning of the open science movement and was one of the first biohackerspaces in the San Francisco Bay Area. It became a business incubator and think tank where bioneers and citizen scientists came together to build apps and hacks that better our world. The organization supported a DIY culture where information and technology were shared freely for the purpose of developing socially responsible solutions. Many of the projects here at D8A came out of that original idea accelerator and members of this “citizen science brigade” are still active in the community.

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